Dear Neighbour

You are receiving this questionnaire because your home is one of nearly seven hundred homes located in the parish of Shaw-cum-Donnington.  Over the next few years, four hundred additional homes will be built north and west of Vodafone.  That is a challenging growth of 60%.

This new housing development presents all residents, including you and your neighbours, with an exciting opportunity to improve the parish amenities and services.  That is because the parish will receive a small percentage of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that will be paid by the housing developer to West Berkshire Council.

Now is a good time for us to create a new Community Plan.  Please tell us how we can improve the parish.  Let your voice to be heard.

You and your family can really help us by answering this questionnaire.  Then, working together, we can build the new Community Plan, which will benefit everyone.  We aim to identify many future improvements, whilst retaining our distinctive parish character.  The essence of the Community Plan is to build community spirit, inspiring local groups and organisations to work together for the common good.

Your thoughts and ideas are vitally important to the success of this survey.  With their input, your children can help to shape our parish, too.  ­Indeed, the brightest future lies in all our hands as we continue to make Shaw-cum-Donnington a wonderful place to live.

You can respond to this questionnaire by completing this paper copy and sending it back to the Parish Council in the attached envelope. Or, you and your family can each complete it online

We would greatly appreciate your returns by the 31st May 2019.

We would also welcome feedback from out-of-parish-visitors to St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall.  Please respond also as set out above.

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Sean Doherty and the Community Plan Team

Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council

Data Privacy Statement

  • Our commitment to your privacy

Completion of the Shaw-cum-Donnington 2019 Community Plan Questionnaire (“Questionnaire”) is anonymous. However, we include the option for you to provide contact details if you are interested in volunteering within the parish and, you may wish to provide contact details for interest in future community activities.

We are providing this Privacy Notice to explain how we, Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council, (“Parish Council”) will collect, store and handle any personal data you choose to give us in relation to your response to the Questionnaire. “Personal data” is any information about a living individual which allows them to be identified from that data (for example a name, address or email address).  The processing of personal data is governed in the United Kingdom by legislation of the new 2018 General Data Protection Regulation.

We hope the following sections will answer any questions you have, but if not, please get in touch with us at: or by calling the Parish Clerk on 07766 600266.

  • Why we collect your data

If you give us your contact details to register your interest, your name and contact details will be added to the Parish Council’s Volunteer & Interest Register. We will only use that data to contact you at a later date to discuss your specific interest. We ask for your name, telephone number, address and email address (if applicable).

  • How we collect your data

We will only collect your data if you provide contact details on either your returned paper copy of the Questionnaire or, from the contact details you provide on-line at our Volunteer & Interest Register. We will treat your data with care and take appropriate steps to protect it.

  • How we hold your data

Electronic data processing: The on-line questionnaire was created using Google Survey. Google’s data privacy policy can be found at: If you input your contact details via our on-line Volunteer & Interest Register, this will also be stored on Google’s servers and viewed only by Parish Council Members under controlled on-line access. Any data we download from these systems will only be stored on a personal computer or other electronic device of a Parish Council Member in text or spreadsheet form. If you contact our Parish Clerk, your email address will be held on that email account and your telephone number will be stored on the Parish Clerk’s mobile telephone. If appropriate to your email, text or call, your contact details will be added to our Volunteer & Interest Register. All Members personal computers and other electronic devices have security which includes regularly updated antivirus software and secure password protection.

Paper data processing:  We will store your returned completed paper questionnaire in a secure environment. If you have provided any contact details we will add these to the Volunteer & Interest Register.

  • When we’ll share your data

We will not share your personal data with any third parties and will not transfer your data overseas. However, if you enter your contact details on our Volunteer & Interest Register which is housed on Google servers, this may be processed on servers outside of the UK; Google’s privacy notice applies.

  • How long we will keep your data

We will keep your personal contact information on our electronically stored Volunteer & Interest Register until no later than 31st December 2020 when the details will be deleted.  Paper information will be shredded when no longer needed and no later than this date.

  • Know your rights

You have the right to access personal data we hold about you and we will share this information with you on request.  If you are concerned about a data breach, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office –

To make yourself available for volunteering or just helping out on the parish please leave your details here;