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Community Plan


Dear Neighbour
You are receiving this questionnaire because your home is one of nearly seven hundred homes located in the parish of Shaw-cum-Donnington. Over the next few years, four hundred additional homes will be built north and west of Vodafone. That’s a 60% growth in the number of homes in the parish.
This new housing development presents all parishioners, including you and your neighbours, with an exciting opportunity to improve the parish amenities and services. The parish will receive a percentage of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that will be paid by the housing developer to West Berkshire Council. Please take this opportunity to tell us how we can improve the parish with this money and let your voice to be heard.
You and your family can really help us by answering this questionnaire. Then, working together, we can build the new Community Plan, which will benefit everyone. It will contain key objectives, set out community needs and priorities and show how to retain our distinctive parish character and features. The Community Plan will help create a community spirit with groups and organisations and will include an action plan for the Parish Council to implement on your behalf.
Your thoughts and ideas put into this questionnaire are really important for you and your community. With the helpful assistance of your family, our younger generation can help plan the future of our parish. It is in our own hands how we make our local community continue to be a great place to live and even better in the future.
There are many visitors to our parish who use facilities within in the parish, including St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall, and we welcome your feedback to this questionnaire as well.
You can respond to this questionnaire either by completing this paper copy and sending it back to the Parish Council in the attached envelope or, if you have access to the internet, you and other members of your family can each go online and complete it at:
Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.
Sean Doherty and the Community Plan Team
Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council

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