There are several themes running through the programme:

  • Tracing the route of the proposed Digital Heritage Trail from Shaw Village to Donnington Castle via the Conservation Area around the Church and Shaw House, Love Lane Heritage Open Day at St Mary’s 2.30 pm Saturday 18 September 2021e Community Link, Donnington Priory and Hospital and Donnington Castle, with an honourable mention for the Honesty Café at the Hartley Arms and the Castle Inn.
  • We are launching the first of our Reministory afternoons which were conceived over a cuppa after morning worship with folk peering and pointing over a old ordinance survey map of the Parish that Paul had produced. There was a chorus of: “I remember …”  The idea was developed pre COVID at a Church Away Day in Bucklebury. Libby has continued through the pandemic to collect and collate the stories which would otherwise be lost to posterity. Stories are at the heart of Heritage, and people in the Community are the living stones. 
  • There is a wider overview of the Heritage with Ginny Slade from English Heritage joining us, and also a return visit from the Flying Historians, latter day descendants of the aeronautical Curate of Shaw, the Rev John M Bacon.

The focus is on exploring and sharing Heritage with and for the Community.  According to the rites of the historic traditions of the Anglican Church,  a cuppa will be served.




David Willetts BA FCA
Community  Coordinator
St Mary’s Church Shaw cum Donnington
0771 4211024

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