People Power in Shaw cum Donnington  St. Mary’s Church Saturday 21st September 2pm – 5pm.


Come and Join the Heritage Squad as we launch our Community project to reveal and share a living visual, aural and oral heritage of the villages of Donnington and Shaw with our expanding community and a wealth of visitors.


Our community project will explore and record the rich history of Donnington and Shaw villages, including Donnington Castle, St Mary’s Church, Shaw House, Donnington Priory, Donnington Hospital, and Shaw Mill.  Over the coming months we plan to work together to create digital displays and record stories from folk memory before they are lost forever.     Heritage is not just in the past. Our Heritage is a living, breathing part of our everyday life that is just waiting to be discovered and celebrated. Let’s watch and listen as the stones of our buildings, the memorials, artefacts and historical records down the centuries come alive and speak to us today.


Be part of the Heritage Squad. We need your contribution please!


St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Shaw Newbury RG14 2DR. Also please check