Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council

Local Bus Timetables

The most up-to-date bus timetables for West Berkshire and the surrounding area, effective from the date when Newbury’s new bus station opened at the Wharf on 2nd December 2018, can be found by clicking here.

There are a couple of bus routes which run close to our parish boundaries:
Routes 4, 4b + 4C: go along part of Grove Road and Sutton Road on the way to Newbury Bus Station (pages 32 + 33 in the timetable).
Route 124: Speen to Wash Common via part of Grove Road, Sutton Road and Newbury Bus Station (page 59 in the timetable).

However, the only bus routes to actually run through the parish are:
Route 1 Jet Black: Newbury to Reading, frequent service – turns into Kiln Road at Shaw Bridge (pages 6 to 13 incl. in the timetable).
Routes 5, 5A + 5C: Downlands villages, Castle Inn, Love Lane, Newbury, extending to/from Newbury College (a.m./p.m.) and Park House School (a.m. only) (page 34 in the timetable).
Routes 6 + 6A: Newbury via Castle Inn or Shaw Cemetery to the Ilsleys (page 35 in the timetable).

More travel information can be found on the West Berkshire Council site.

Useful bus maps of the local area can be found on pages 88 – 91 of the timetable, and a West Berkshire overview map here.