Local Bus Timetables

The most up-to-date bus timetables for West Berkshire and the surrounding area, effective from 4th April 2022, can be found by clicking here.

There are a couple of bus routes which run close to our parish boundaries:
Routes 4, 4B + 4C: Newbury Wharf to/from Lambourn – running along part of Grove Road and Sutton Road (pages 30 + 31 in the timetable). Service on 6 days per week (not Sundays).

However, the only bus routes to actually run through the parish are:
Route 1 Jet Black: Newbury to Reading, frequent service – turns into Kiln Road at Shaw Bridge (pages 6 to 13 incl. in the timetable). Daily service (including Sundays).
Routes 5, 5A + 5C: Downlands villages, Castle Inn, Love Lane, Newbury, extending to/from Newbury College (a.m./p.m.) and Park House School (a.m. only from nearby Donnington Square) (page 32 in the timetable). Service on 5 days per week (not weekends).
Routes 6 + 6A: Newbury via Castle Inn or Shaw Cemetery to the Ilsleys (page 33 in the timetable). Service on 6 days per week (not Sundays).

More travel information can be found on the West Berkshire Council site.

Useful bus maps of the local area can be found on pages 82 – 85 of the timetable.

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