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Welcome to our first e-newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of our Waste and Recycling newsletter – dedicated to keeping you up-to-date with the latest recycling news. We will also include helpful advice to reduce your rubbish and let you know if there are any changes to the waste service in West Berkshire.


Together – We Recycle!


Thank you for helping celebrate Recycle Week!

This week was the 17th annual Recycle Week and although this year has been difficult we want to say thank you to all our residents as you have continued to recycle throughout.

And a big thank you to our recycling and waste workers at Veolia, who have been real heroes too, providing the best service possible under the most difficult of circumstances.

Together we recycle


New Recycling Banks


SAW recyclingWe have installed new recycling banks at most of our mini recycling centres across West Berkshire.

You can now recycle:

  • Cartons such as juice, milk, tomato and soup, paper  and coffee cups.
  • Small electricals including; phones, computers, radio and music players, small household appliances such as an iron or hairdryer and kitchen appliances such as a kettle or toaster. 

The recycling banks can be found at: Burghfield, Hungerford, Hermitage, Newbury, Padworth and Thatcham.

Check where your nearest mini recycling centre is here


Food Waste


Food waste stickerDo you know food waste makes up nearly 25% of the rubbish in the black bin?

Love Food Hate Waste have some great recipes for using up leftovers, and information about use by dates to help you reduce your food waste.

If you have food waste that can’t be used up or needs to be thrown away, it can easily be recycled in your green bin for FREE! You do not need a garden waste subscription to recycle it. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be placing stickers on your black bin as a reminder to recycle any food waste, unless you already compost it at home. 

Look out for a sticker on your black bin. You can find more information on food waste recycling here.


Recycling Champions


Are you passionate about reducing waste? Do you recycle as much as you can?

We want to hear from you and find our local recycling champions. Share your top recycling tips or photos and we will feature them in our next e-newsletter.  You can email your tips or news to recycle@westberks.gov.uk 

You can also let us know what you would like to read about in the next newsletter.  


Garden Waste


Have you subscribed to the garden waste service?

The new service year 2020/21 started on 1st September, you will need to renew or sign up now for your garden waste service to continue. You can sign up and pay online.

Garden Waste


New Collection Vehicle Livery


Waste collection vehicleWe have just installed new designs on the sides of our waste collection trucks. These include engaging images and messages to encourage you to help us avoid waste and to recycle more. Please look out for these designs on the trucks in your local area from this week and send us comments at recycle@westberks.gov.uk or @recyclewestberkshire on Facebook about how much you like them.


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