Were you thinking of volunteering at Newbury Library? This is where we particularly need additional help for the school summer holidays. We’re asking volunteers to cover one or more stints which will run at 10-12, 12-2 and 2-4 each day, starting on Thursday 25 July. If you can assist at any of these times, on any day(s) after 9 August, we will be extremely grateful! Which days and time slots would suit you best? I’m currently sorting out a rota for this, so just let me know what you can manage and we’ll work around your availability. Please contact me, Jacqueline Cooper on jcooper@westberks.gov.uk or (01635) 519961 | Ext 2961.

Our branches usually cover the Summer Reading Challenge with their regular volunteers, although I’m sure that they would appreciate extra help during this holiday period. If anyone is interested in working anywhere other than Newbury, please ask them to contact Gemma Taylor, Culture & Libraries Volunteer Officer, Gemma.Taylor@westberks.gov.uk. Alternatively, people can complete the council’s online volunteering form: twww.westberks.gov.uk/volunteer 

Last year 3,417 children took part in the main Summer Reading Challenge in West Berkshire and we also run a Mini Challenge for younger children (489 participants in 2018). This makes for a very busy time in our libraries but it’s always wonderful to welcome so many keen readers and we know that the Challenge is a great way to help children keep up the reading skills and confidence over the holiday and prevent the common ‘reading dip’ which can otherwise occur. Thank you so much for anything you can do.

By the way – we also try to cover assemblies about the Challenge in as many West Berks primary schools as we can in July and we do rely on volunteers to help with this as well. If you know of anyone who might be able to assist, please ask them to contact Gemma.

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