West Berkshire Council’s plan to line rural roads with beautiful wild-flowers is set to become a reality.

A trial to encourage wild flowers along sections of the A4 has started and is the first stage of a larger project to create more wild flower verges in certain locations across the district.

Richard Somner, West Berkshire’s Executive Member for the Transport and Countryside said: “This is an exciting project that forms part of the delivery plan for our emerging Environment Strategy.

“Wildflower verges are not only attractive to road users, but could potentially have significant ecological and environmental benefits. They would not only support crucial pollinators and biodiversity, but would also protect species threatened by climate change and habitat loss.” 

In the first year, the council will monitor growth on the A4 verges to assess where there are existing natural areas of wildflower populations and which areas have the potential to be managed more appropriately to promote wildflowers.

 The trial will follow the format of other successful road verge projects and adopt mowing regimes recommended by expert organisations such as Plantlife.

 For further information about the wildflower verge project please email countryside@westberks.gov.uk

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