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Village HallShaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council consists of a maximum of nine Councillors, and a Clerk. It meets once a month to discuss a wide and varied agenda which includes all planning applications, giving observations on each proposal to WBC. It endeavours to focus residents’ opinions in order to represent them to higher authorities, whilst carrying out small scale tasks that would be uneconomic for larger authorities.

Parish Councillors and Clerk at May 2023

Council members 2023

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About the Parish Council

Shaw-cum-Donnington parish is bordered on the east by Shaw Hill and Long Lane, the south by the River Lambourn, the west by Bagnor and the western edge of Donnington Valley Golf Course, and the north by Snelsmore Common. Boundaries can be reviewed from time to time by the District Council and the Electoral Commission. The 2016 register of electors showed over 1,342 people residing in the Parish but as of 11/2022 it is over 1,650.

A parish council must have at least 5 members by law. The usual ways to become a councillor are election, or co-option if a vacancy arises. Less usual ways are appointment by the District Council or return after a successful election petition. The usual term of office is 4 years.

Areas covered by the Parish Council include observations on planning applications, footpaths, and highway matters such as pot holes, road signing, speeding, and street lighting. Amenities covered include the recreation ground, which includes the pavilion and play area.

The public is welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, and there must always be an annual parish meeting where residents can be advised of the work of councillors over the year, and be given an opportunity to put questions on local matters to councillors. This usually takes place in April or May.

All council members are part advisory groups covering Planning, Footpaths and Amenities, and will look into more complex matters and report back to the full council with any recommendations.

In order to contact the Parish Council, please contact Gillian Durrant, Clerk to the Parish Council, tel 07419 323252 or email 

Becoming a Parish Councillor

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor, you should in the first instance contact the Parish Clerk, Gillian Durrant –, or telephone 07419 323252.

The following external links will also help to provide some background to the general process:

NALC website – The National Association of Local Councils is a good source of information about Parish Councils.

Become a Councillor – information pack on how to get involved in your community

Parish Council Elections – a guide to the election process for a Parish Council

Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council meetings are held at 7.30 pm on the third Wednesday of every month (except August) in the Village Hall, Love Lane. The agenda for each meeting will be available a few days prior.  Minutes of the most recent meetings are posted in the ‘latest news’ section of the website, accessible from the Home Page.

You can view and download Minutes of previous meetings by clicking on the links below.

2022 Minutes 

2022 Full Minute Collection

2021 Minutes

2021 Full Minute Collection

2020 Minutes

2020 Full Minute Collection

2018/19 Minutes

2019 Full Minute Collection
2018/19 Minute Collection

2018 Minutes

December (PDF), November (PDF), October (PDF),
September (PDF), July (PDF), June (PDF), May (PDF),
April (PDF), March (PDF), February (PDF), January (PDF)

2017 Minutes

December (PDF), November (PDF), October (PDF), September (PDF), July (PDF),
June (PDF), May (PDF), April (PDF), March (PDF), February (PDF)
January Extra Meeting (PDF)
January (PDF)

2016 Minutes
December (PDF), November (PDF), October (PDF), September (PDF), July (PDF),
June (PDF), May (PDF), April (PDF), March (Word), February (Word), January (Word)

2015 Minutes
December (Word), November (Word), October (Word), September (Word)
Minutes EGM September 2015 (Word)
July (Word), June (Word), May (Word), April (Word)

Annual Meeting Minutes
We hold an Annual Meeting in April/May each year, to which all residents of the Parish are invited. Click on the links below for minutes of past meetings in Word format.

2016 (PDF), 2015 (PDF), 2014 (Word), 2013 (Word), 2012 (Word), 2011 (Word), 2010 (Word), 2009 (Word), 2008 (Word)

Financial Information

On conclusion of the Annual Audit, the Council displays the Annual Return on noticeboards across the Parish. Click on the links below to view or download the Annual Returns.

Completed notice of conclusion of audit 2023

signed AGAR sections 1, 2 and 3.pdf (1)

Statutory Notice 2023 (PDF)

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2022-23 (PDF)

Full signed AGAR 2021-2022 (PDF)

Statutory Notice 2022 (PDF)

Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2020-21 (PDF)
Statutory Notice 2021 (PDF)
Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2019-20 (PDF)
Statutory Notice 2020 (PDF)
Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2018-19 (PDF)
Statutory Notice 2019 (PDF)
Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) 2017-18
Statutory Notice 2018 (pdf 83kb)
Annual Return 2017
Statutory Notice 2017 (pdf 83kb)
Annual Return 2016 (pdf 912kb)
Statutory Notice 2016 (pdf 83kb)
Annual Return 2015 (pdf 816kb)
Annual Return 2014 (pdf 1.5mb)
Annual Return 2013 (pdf 3.5 mb)
Annual Return 2012 (pdf 4.5 mb)
Annual Return 2011 (pdf 7.8 mb)
Annual Return 2010 (pdf, 5.6 mb)
Annual Return 2009 (pdf, 2.4 mb)

The Parish Council is obliged to publish details of expenditure. The Excel files below show details of expenditure for each year. Click on the link to open or download the file.

Parish Council Draft Expenditure 2021 (11 kb)
Parish Council Expenditure 2017/18 (11 kb)
Parish Council Expenditure 2016 (11 kb)


Parish Council Published Budget 2023/24

Parish Council Published Budget 2022/23
Parish Council Published Budget 2021/22.
Parish Council Published Budget 2018/19.
Parish Council Published Budget 2017/18.


Council Publication Scheme
The Council is committed to making as much information as possible available to the public and to this end has approved a publication scheme to disseminate this information.

Details of the scheme can be found here.
Details of the information guide can be found here.


Members' Interests

The Localism Act requires that all Parish Council Members’ Register of Interests forms are published. Click on the names below for their Register of Interest form (pdf).

W P N Graham
P Bryant
M Carter
G. Thomas
C. Yates
M. Payne
A. Gruner

I. Miller

R. Almond


Councillors code of conduct.

CIL Reports

CIL Report 2022-23 Shaw-cum-Donnington Parish Council  2022/23 CIL Report

CIL Report 2021-22 Shaw-cum-Donnington                           2021/22 CIL Report

CIL Report 2020-21Shaw cum Donnington                             2020/21 CIL Report

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